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Disability Insurance and Fraud Prevention

It is a bit easier for less than honest people to commit disability insurance fraud than other types of crimes. As a result, insurance companies are typically more wary of disability claims. With a life insurance claim, it is quite evident when someone becomes deceased.

Disability insurance is a little more open to fraudulent claims. Most insurance companies assign a caseworker and conduct annual reviews to limit the amount of exposure to fraud that may take place. Without these regular reviews, it is easier for a person to take advantage of this particular type of insurance than most other types of personal insurance.

It is the responsibility of the policyholder to prove that their injury or illness is the reason they are unable to earn a living. Many people claim the privileges of disability insurance but conveniently forget they have responsibilities as well. The most common cause of disability claim delays or denials is not with the insurance company; it is with the insured not giving them the proof required.

Be Ready to Provide Proof of Disability

Before any disability insurance plan will start paying a claim they require proof that there exists an injury or illness that is severe enough to prevent that person from earning an income. Insurance companies will never tell a person that they don't believe that such a condition exists, but they will, however, require a statement from a doctor.

The definition of disability is not purely on how a person feels. They may very well feel rotten but unless they are able to get a licensed physician to certify that they are unable to work, they are not likely to receive any disability insurance money.

While there may be other reasons why a claim is delayed or denied, most of the time, the adverse actions were caused by the insured not being able to get a doctor to verify the injury or illness that is preventing them from working.


Before something bad happens, read the disability policy. It is important to know, in the event that a person suddenly becomes seriously ill, or worse, disabled and unable to work, that the benefits offered are sufficient and there is an understanding of the required procedures in order to move forward.

Certification of the Illness or Injury

Secondly, anyone that is involved in an accident or becomes ill needs to contact a doctor who can certify that this person is medically unable to work. Otherwise the disability claim will most likely be denied.

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